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Direct, Personalized Primary Care

Dr. Shere Conway is a Family Doctor & Functional Medicine practitioner serving patients throughout the greater Knoxville TN region.


A personalized direct care experience

The fact is: there are things that are best handled with a healthcare professional. Whether you’re sick, looking for direct primary care, or want to get to the root cause of some underlying health conditions, you’re looking for a doctor who can walk alongside you. 

But you’ve been here before. Either you don’t carry traditional health insurance, have a high deductible, or your insurance doesn’t cover the alternative practices you need to combat your underlying health conditions. 

You’re tired of being shuffled around, chasing down messages, and appointments, only to leave (again) with no answers. You feel like you’re not getting your questions answered. And you just want to be able to get well and live in optimal health. 

At Medical Mobile Mission, we understand. Dr. Shere Conway is a Direct Primary Care Doctor who couples her knowledge of medicine with the benefits of a functional health doctor as well as tying in spiritual and wellness practices to find and treat root cause and increase their level of overall health. DPC allows Dr. Conway to get to know you, find out your health needs, and to explore experiencing deeper health.

When you choose to see Dr. Conway, you can have confidence that not only will she help you with the issue that brought you in, but she’ll also help you lay out a plan to get you back to that ultimate health level you’ve been aspiring too. 

If you’re tired of the system jerking you around, exhausted from all of the phone calls to try to find primary care that fits your needs, or are looking for a direct primary care doctor to work with, Mobile Medical Mission is the place for you.

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Direct Primary Care

Personalized healthcare driven by your needs, not insurance demands.

Remember the good old days, when doctors knew, really knew their patients and patients knew their doctors? When insurance didn’t get to decide what treatment you received, when, or in what order because that was between you and your doctor?

This isn’t an old movie – this is the reality you can expect with Direct Primary Care. 

With Direct Primary Care, you pay your physician directly for the care you receive. Your insurance is not billed nor accepted. This is ideal for people who do not have insurance, carry alternative health care coverage, have a high deductible, or would prefer that their insurance company not dictate the way in which they receive care. 

Direct Primary Care gives you the freedom to explore many treatments paths. You don’t have to follow the “standard procedure” model. Instead, you and your doctor can decide what’s best for you. Here’s more info on how DPC works.


Functional Medicine

Whether there is a recurring or new onset of a problem with your health, it’s often best to look at your whole body. After all, your body was designed to work together in one unit and as one team. 

That’s why we like to take a functional medicine approach to your care. We like to look for underlying issues and support your body to do what it’s supposed to do. This can mean trying herbs, supplements, and yes, prescription medicines to get to the root of the cause. 

And because we offer Direct Primary Care, we get to know you, how you prefer to approach your medical care and we can present you with the options to help you make the best choice for your individual care and you can get your feet wet in functional health options to experience a deeper level of health. 


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Fully invested in providing great healthcare for the Knoxville TN community.

Why WE're DIfferent

Healthcare, without the headaches

  • More personal than typical office visit
  • Get to the root cause
  • Office, home, and virtual visits available
  • Tying in spiritual and wellness practices for well-rounded care
  • Direct pay - no insurance middleman

Get direct access to your doctor. Build a care plan that works best for you. Care for yourself – the problem, underlying issues, whole body wellness, and spiritually. No middleman telling you what care you can have. You and your doctor, working together, for your health. 

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Is this practice right for you?

For long-term or deep-rooted health issues, Direct Primary Care helps you get started on the path to optimal health with a doctor so you can know the full breadth of options available to you as you move into functional health care. How do you know if functional medicine is right for you? Here’s a list to help get you started.

  • Functional Health Might Be For You If...
  • You are committed to making lifestyle changes
  • You are ready to take charge of your health
  • You are willing to see this as a time investment and realize things will not change overnight
  • You are willing to see your ongoing health as a financial investment
  • You are comfortable and excited to look at things from a Christian perspective
  • You are willing to look at all aspects of your life which may be contributing to any health issues you may have
  • You envision a life where your symptoms or condition are not holding you back from the life you want to live
  • Functional Health Might NOT Be For You If...
  • You are looking for someone else to fix this for you
  • You are uncomfortable with Dr. Conway coming from a Christian perspective
  • You are looking for a quick fix to your issues
  • You are too busy to spend time taking care of yourself
  • You are not willing to look at or change other factors like stress, emotions, trauma, etc in relation to your overall health
  • You are not willing to invest time or money on this issue

Our Healthcare Packages

Choose the options that serve you best and your unique situation.

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is the freedom to see your doctor and develop care plans that fit you. 

This is an ongoing relationship with your Direct Primary Care Doctor and is ideal for people who want to be able to see their doctor regularly, those with small children, and those with ongoing health issues.  

This is a membership style service. A one-time registration fee of $150, plus a monthly fee:

  • $50/mo. individual
  • $100/mo. couple
  • $150/mo. family

Can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • Annual Health Assessment
  • Physical
  • Discussion of Preventative Care
  • Office Visits for:
  • Acute Medical Problems
  • Maintenance of Medical Issues
  • Telemedicine
  • Home Visits (as appropriate/needed)
  • Direct Access to Dr. Conway
  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Emails

Functional Medicine

Functional Health Care is a holistic approach to medical care. You and your Direct Primary Care Doctor will determine if this care if right for you based on your health history. 

Functional Care is designed to provide support to the whole body to solve the underlying issues behind health conditions. If you want to dive in to start tackling deeper, functional health could be right for you. 

The assessment is $3000 (can be paid over 1 year at $250/month) and includes:

  • $1000 worth of testing costs, supplements at wholesale price,
  • health coaching for up to 2 hours a month for first 3 months
  • group coaching month 4+, and more.
  • Collect All Health History
  • Fill Out Full New Patient Questionnaire
  • Go Over Findings
  • Make a Plan
  • Further Testing
  • Health Coach Visit
  • Monthly Visits

Point of Care

Point of Care is an as-needed care option. This is ideal for people who prefer to see a doctor infrequently or only for specific reasons. Annual fee of $150 plus cost per office visit assessed by time. Get in touch with us for more details.

What my patients are saying:

Going deeper into your health

Dr. Conway’s thoughts on topics that matter to your health.

About Dr. Conway

Dr. Shere Conway Functional, Family, Health Doctor for Oak Ridge and Knoxville Tennessee

Dr. Shere Conway

  • 22 Years as Primary Care Physician
  • Christian Medical & Dental Association
  • American Academy of Family Practice
  • Institute of Functional Medicine Member
  • Masters in Herbal Medicine through Trinity School Natural Health
  • Functional Medicine University

“I will do everything in my power to help you reach your God given potential.”

Dr. Shere Conway is passionate about serving her patients and helping them to achieve their health goals. 

After spending 22 years in primary care in Oak Ridge, TN, she is making the move to Direct Primary Care because she feels she can best serve her patients when she can do what’s best for them – not just what insurance will approve. 

Dr. Conway combines traditional medical care with functional health to provide care for the whole body. She incorporates herbs, supplements, and other treatments as well as prescription medicine in her practice. She does all of this from a Christian perspective and in a way that lets her get to know her patients on a deeper level through Direct Primary Care. 

Dr. Shere Conway Functional, Family, Health Doctor for Oak Ridge and Knoxville Tennessee

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

The best way is to reach out to us at the form above or by calling the office at (865) 272-5021 and share what you’re experiencing and any questions you have.

If you want to come in and meet Dr. Conway for a complimentary meet and greet you can schedule that directly here.

For most prospective patients we ask you to fill out the health assessment. It gives Dr. Conway a baseline understanding of your health. You can fill that out here.

No. Direct Primary Care is designed to eliminate the need for traditional insurance. So whether you use alternative health care coverage, are uninsured, or under-insured, you can get the care you need from a doctor you can trust with Direct Primary Care.

Great question. And the answer is – that depends. It depends on which way you choose to see and interact with the doctor. You have three choices: Point of Care, Direct Primary Care, or Functional Medicine. You can read more about each of these services in the “Our Healthcare Packages” portion of this site where a detailed comparison is laid out. Home visits have an additional travel cost. 

Direct Primary Care is a better way for patients and doctors to interact and treat illness. DPC allows Dr. Conway to get to know you, find out your health needs, and to explore experiencing deeper health. Because insurance doesn’t get to dictate what steps are taken and in what order, you and your doctor get to decide what’s best for you. 

Functional medicine is a science based, personalized healthcare approach that assesses and treats underlying causes of illness through individually tailored therapies to restore health and improve function.

I believe that medicine is a gift and can be very beneficial when it’s the best course of action for a health condition. Of course, there are also many other ways to treatment health problems, such as herbs and supplements. I combine these approaches to provide a well-rounded and specific care plan for the patient.